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Can I plant roses where roses have grown before?

What about black spot?

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Where can I buy that rose which grew in grandma’s garden?

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Who can give me GENERAL INFORMATIONabout the Rose Society UK?

Use the Contact Form below to get in touch with John in the Office



Who can tell me where to find a special rose?

Use the Contact Form below to get in touch with Brian our researcher


Who can tell me all about shows and exhibiting

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Can I plant a rose into soil where roses have grown before?

This question has many answers; there are those who believe that well fed and cultivated soil will not succumb to Rose Replant Disease.

Myccorhizal fungi is useful to help new bushes get a start. Many people have had excellent results using it. It has proved very beneficial when planting roses in pots.

The Nutrient Company is a valued sponsor and supporter of The Rose Society UK and they supply a range of products including Myccormax which is excellent for roses.

There are various ‘alternative’ solutions to this problem including planting the rose bush in the ground, inside a sturdy cardboard box. Or merely changing all the soil from the area immediately around the bush; all good suggestions and perhaps alongside good soil preparation, the addition of MyccorMax will ensure that your roses get off to a good start?


How can I cure BLACK SPOT on roses?

Simply, there is no ‘cure’ that is available to amateur rose gardeners. In this case prevention is the only option.

The sage advice to burn all infected foliage still holds good. Good house keeping is vital. Blackspot spores live in the soil around the rose so it makes sense to remove soil that may be infected and replace it with well rotted compost/manure as a mulch. The infection is spread by water droplets carrying the spores up from below and ultimately through the whole bush, a thick mulch will go some way towards keeping any infection left in the soil where it is.

Well fed plants will be able to overcome any minor outbreak of any bacterial disease and the rose trade are agreed that using Uncle Tom’s Rose Tonic (Farmfos 44 by its commercial name) will greatly assist in the control of black spot.

Thanks to Tom Nellis’ generous support you may be able to pick up a bottle of Uncle Tom’s from any of the society’s advice bureaux that are held at flower shows throughout the year.

Alternatively it is avaiable through AMAZON or buy it directly from NATURAL GARDEN SOLUTIONS

There are a number of other organic solutions, the success of which is at best, variable. One of the best chemical solutions by way of prevention is Fungus Fighter Plus from BAYER GARDEN

Can you tell me the name of this rose?

Rose identification is a question that we are frequently asked about. It’s extremely difficult to ID a rose from just a photograph.

We will always try to help where we can and obviously our members requests will always come first.

  • In order to find out if a rose EXISTS check out, in the first instance;         HELP ME FIND ROSES once you’ve established this (and if you live in the UK)
  • In order to find out if it is commercially available in the UK go to;                 FIND THAT ROSE

If you are still stuck then please ask our expert Brian for help by using the form below;