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We get questions from site visitors and members alike.

Below are a few more straight forward replies.  Just scroll down until you find your question.

   How can I join the Rose Society UK?

    Download this form:

               Rose Society UK Membership Form

         Fill in and print the form – send with cheque to address on form 


Fill in and send by email to the address on the form –

then pay membership fees with PayPal or BACs transfer

If you need further information please use contact form to get more info

How can I cure BLACK SPOT on roses?

Simply, there is no ‘cure’ that is available to amateur rose gardeners. In this case prevention is the only option.

The sage advice to burn all infected foliage still holds good. Good house keeping is vital. Blackspot spores live in the soil around the rose so it makes sense to remove soil that may be infected and replace it with well rotted compost/manure as a mulch. The infection is spread by water droplets carrying the spores up from below and ultimately through the whole bush, a thick mulch will go some way towards keeping any infection left in the soil where it is.

Well fed plants will be able to overcome any minor outbreak of any bacterial disease and the rose trade are agreed that using Uncle Tom’s Rose Tonic (Farmfos 44 by its commercial name) will greatly assist in the control of black spot.










Thanks to Tom Nellis’ generous support you may be able to pick up a bottle of Uncle Tom’s from any of the society’s advice bureaux that are held at flower shows throughout the year.

Alternatively it is avaiable through AMAZON or buy it directly from NATURAL GARDEN SOLUTIONS

There are a number of other organic solutions, the success of which is at best, variable. One of the best chemical solutions by way of prevention is Fungus Fighter Plus from BAYER GARDEN

How can I become an exhibitor?

There’s a little bit of the exhibitor in all of us! If you grow roses well, you want to show your friends. Exhibitors do just this plus a little bit more!

If you enter and win a prize . . . . . . you’re hooked! So, how do you do it? Firstly you should join The Rose Society UK (see the top FAQ) and get to know others who exhibit.

Bring your roses to a show and enter the easier, single bloom classes. Watch what others do; ask questions of the other exhibitors. When they are not mid-staging of their own roses, most will gladly give you some pointers. Take photographs of winning exhibits and copy them at home. Exhibitors are a lifeblood and a shop window for the rose trade. OK, we may not always buy too many roses from nurseries (many exhibitors bud their own roses) but when we show the public what well-grown roses look like . . . Wow; it’s infectious!


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