How To Show Your Roses

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be adding videos and tips to help everyone show off their roses.

Everything you need to know from vases and bowls, picture frames and boxes. How to stage the roses; how to prepare the roses; what the judges are looking for; varieties. Everything for the newbies and perhaps something for the ‘not so’ newbies.

Our Facebook group has been buzzing this season with pictures of roses; there have been no rose shows this year so taking pictures of our roses is all we’ve had. With a little help, perhaps we can encourage all those taking pictures to actually bring their roses to our shows next year.

The first offering, and in no particular order, is our Shows Manager Pauline Martin. She has been asked so many times to do a video showing how she produces her bowls of roses. Here with a few blooms picked from the garden and allotment is her video;

Video 1 – Using our show equipment

Video 2 – How to enter the floating rose class

Video 6 – How to stage a bowl of mixed roses