Pelsall Special Rose Show

Roses and Cream Scones at Pelsall

Our 'Little Rose Show' in Pelsall has now become a favourite event.  It's MEMBERS ONLY EVENT but we'll welcome new members  on the day!

The show is a smaller than usual show; but none-the-less an important event.

It's a ONE DAY SHOW - that means we build it - we enter it - and we take it down all in one day.

It's a FRIENDLY SHOW. Whilst we still put on a competitive show, all the exhibitors are ready, willing and able to lend a hand, share advice and generally help everyone and anyone who fancies putting a few roses on the benches.

We have CREAM and JAM SCONES for everyone - who doesn't like a cream scone? Roses and scones - irresistible!

This year during the afternoon , we will be having a ROSE GARDENERS QUESTION TIME. On the stage, with a panel of experienced rosarians and champion exhibitors to answer any questions about roses.

Admission is FREE                       Entry is FREE                  Advice is FREE                Scones and Cream are FREE