Pests and diseases

Looking after your roses

Roses, like other plants, are a food source for garden pests which will need to be controlled if the plants are to perform well in the garden.

Most pests do not destroy roses but make them unsightly. Common insects that attack roses include aphids, sawfly and leaf cutter bees - you can find more information about pests and diseases in All about Roses.

This Rose Society UK book gives the reader more information about many different pests and diseases with colour pictures and proposed treatments. This book describes only the major pests affecting roses, whilst there are many chemical products on the market the Rose Society UK encourages environmentally friendly products.

Common diseases that affect roses in the UK are Blackspot and Mildew.

A regular spray with a rose tonic such as Potassium Phosphite (Uncle Tom’s Rose Tonic) will help roses to keep healthy. Use alongside a proprietary feed during the growing season to keep your roses happy.

Don't forget whether you garden organically or not, roses need food and water and a good mulch of well rotted manure in the spring.