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Sulphur Rose Ready To Use 1 litre refillable spray dispenser

Sulphur is the natural enemy of blackspot and powdery mildew diseases. In times when sulphur dioxide was present in the atmosphere, as a result of coal burning fires and industrial pollution, prior to the 1968 Clean air act blackspot was unknown.

Give your roses a regular sulphur treat with Sulphur Rose. Roses love it and so do rose growers. It is brilliant tonic for roses – ensuring lots of healthy foliage and masses of blooms. It prevents yellowing of the leaves and also helps neutralise the effects of hard (calcium) water.

Applying Sulphur rose will ensure your roses remain healthy and produce a fabulous display of flowers all summer long. Simply apply to the stems, foliage and surrounding soil.

It is best applied regularly at two to three monthly intervals during the dormant period followed by monthly applications during the leafing and flowering period. It is important to use regularly to keep disease spores at bay.

  • Can be applied throughout the year.
  • Promotes healthy vigorous growth and profusion of perfect blooms.
  • Safe to Bees.
  • Safe to pets and wildlife.
  • A 1 litre bottle should provide 30-40 applications to a single rose plant in a 7”x9” pot 45cm high and 40cm wide

Our Sulphur Rose product in a ready to use bottle and is refillable –

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Sulphur Rose Ready to use

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Sulphur Rose


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