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Have you had your soil tested recently?

Was the pH a lot higher than you thought or hoped it would be?

Here’s the natural way to reduce your soil’s pH and start growing great roses


One 500gram box will treat 10 rose bushes



the natural way to grow healthy roses

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Sulphur Soil – 500gms

The rose’s favourite diet is a heavy acidic soil of 5.5 to 6.5pH. if your soil is greater than pH7 (alkaline) then an application of Sulphur Soil in the spring and autumn is essential. For soils that are on neutral soil (pH7) then one application in the autumn is all that is needed.


Sulphur Soil reduces the alkalinity of any soil and its effects can last up to two years. It is clean and easy to use, makes nutrients fully available to plants and needs only be applied at six-monthly intervals to reduce the pH by approximately one unit.

Remember to regularly check your soil pH reading.

  • Sulphur Soil was previously known as – ‘Sulphur Chips’
  • Treatment Area: 1kg treats around 18 sq m / 22 sq yd
  • Ideal time for use: Apply 6 monthly February to May and again September to December.

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Sulphur Rose Ready to use

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Sulphur Rose


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