As we approach Autumn, the roses come towards the end of the flowering season . . .

In conjunction with our sponsors DARLAC we will be trying to unwrap the mysteries of pruning and rose care. There has, over the years, been a lot of old nonesense spoken about pruning roses. Dead heading spent blooms during the summer will have hopefully kept the roses blooming but the bushes will most likely be quite tall. Whilst March remains the time that most roses are pruned, now is the time to think about an Autumn prune. Cutting the bushes back by about a third of their height will help reduce the chances of them being damaged by strong winds.  So, grab your secateurs, put on your gloves and get your roses ready for winter.

In this video Adam Frost pretty much follows the advice that we give . . . . . prune using the 3D COW

First remove the DEAD, the DAMAGED and the DISEASED – the three Ds

Then cut off the CROSSED, the OLD and the WEEDY – the COW

Well done Adam . Isn’t it about time you joined the Society as you said you would at Chorley Flower Show?

How to Prune Roses – Adam Frost – (click here)

Adam dropped in for some rose-chat with Ray at the Chorley show

Here’s Ray dealing with a large hybrid tea bush, from start to finish, and giving it a Spring prune using the 3D COW approach