The Rose Society UK Spring Show at RHS Malvern Festival

The next Spring Show at RHS Malvern is in

With the 2020 cancelled due to COVID 19, all we can do is look forward to 2021 and hope that we can stage our Spring Show at the RHS Malvern Spring Show.

To get you in the mood, here are a few images from previous Malvern Spring Shows;

DO NOT DISPARE it’s not too late to get some roses ready for Malvern 2020.

More news later, but for now you will need to have a few roses, in pots (miniatures and HTs will be easiest) and an UNHEATED greenhouse.

I have a very old 8ft x 6ft polycarbonate that I plan to rejuvenate and grow some bushes in, just to show you that you don’t need acres of heated greenhouse to put a few blooms into this FRIENDLIEST of rose shows.