Rochford's International Rose Trials 2021 Results

The Gold Rose Award for the best overall variety

Variety Raised by
A104/19-21 - KO08/2288-05 Kordes, Germany

Order of Merit

Variety Raised by
B108/19-21 - KO07/3175-01 Kordes, Germany
F103/19-21 - CHEWgoldeye Warner Roses, UK

Trial Ground Certificates

Variety Raised by
B110/19-21 - KO09/2539-01 Kordes, Germany
D104/19-21 - KO05/1720-02 Kordes, Germany
D101/19-21 - KENhappy Kenny, Republic of Ireland

Fragrance Award

Variety Raised by
B102/19-21 - 11-11823-2 Delbard, France

Best Rose Variety - judged at the prize-giving event

Variety Raised by
E113/19-21—VELheav2 Lens Roses BVBA, Belgium