Uncle Tom’s Rose Tonic

Want to grow great roses?

The rose trade, experienced growers and now amateur gardeners are in agreement that there is no better product to help your roses grow than;

Uncle Tom’s Rose Tonic


The Science Behind Uncle Tom’s® Rose Tonic

Uncle Tom’s® Rose Tonic is translocated rapidly to all parts of the plant, through both leaves and roots, and delivers the essential elements of phosphorus and potassium, swiftly to where they are most needed. The improved uptake of P&K counteracts the effects of soil fixation to optimise plant growth conditions, especially at times of rapid growth. It helps plants green up quickly, yet contains no nitrogen, which often gives lush growth prone to disease. Independent research has shown that potassium phosphite is one of the building blocks of life itself and provided it is pure it can promote healthy plant growth and improve the yield and quality of almost every crop grown in the world, certainly without potassium phosphite the world avocado and orange industries would be in a poorer state.

Uncle Tom’s (or Farm Phos as it’s know in the trade) is easy to use, effective and surprisingly economical. After pruning in March, as the first signs of growth start showing on your roses, is the time to start applying Uncle Tom’s. Dilute at a rate of 1 part in 100 or in other words, 10ml in a litre of water. It can be used as a foliar feed and as a soil drench. At this time of year of course it will be soil drenching that does most good, until the foliage growsover the coming weeks.

Repeat the programme every two weeks during the growing season, sit back and watch the results.

Uncle Tom’s® Rose Tonic and Farm Phos can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, Tom Nellis, from our website shop or from The Rose Society UK’s Information Stands at the shows detailed in the events tab.