World Federation of Rose Societies

WFRS Membership


The Rose Society UK is a Member of the World Federation of Societies, which comprises of 39 Member Countries around the world.

The organisation was founded in London during the Fourth International Rose Conference on 4th July 1968. The initial Membership consisted of delegates from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland and the United States.

The first World Rose Convention was held in New Zealand during 1971 where the goals of the organisation were established.

As a registered charity, the aims of the Federation is to encourage and disseminate knowledge of rose culture and research.

This includes:

  • Common standards for judging rose seedlings
  • Assisting in co-ordinating the registration of rose names
  • Establishing a uniform system of rose classification as well as granting international honours and awards.

For over 50 years, the United Kingdom has been actively involved in these areas.

The WFRS consists of an Executive Committee with each member representing a region of the world. There are numerous other committees, including Conservation & Heritage, Publications, Awards, and Trials and Standardisation of Roses.


The Council, which represents all the Member Countries, meet at successive World Rose Conventions. These events are a mecca for rosarians from all over the world for them to gleam and share knowledge about the genus rosa. A series of inspirational lectures and visits to spectacular gardens take place.

During the proceedings, a lavish Awards Ceremony is conducted where the winners of the much anticipated Rose Hall of Fame and Old Rose Hall of Fame are announced. Prestigious WFRS Award Of Garden Excellence plaques are bestowed to rose gardens that reach the high standards set by the Federation. Worthy books about roses can also be granted an official WFRS Literary Award.

Rosarians, Rose Breeders or Officers of the organisation, are recognised for their outstanding contribution to the rose world by presentation of medals or commemorative medallions.

The organisation produces two informative publications, World Rose News and By Any Other Name, which is a journal which serves the heritage and conservation of roses.

The Federation encourages international friendships and bonds amongst rosarians everywhere.

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