Who's who

The Rose Society UK officers and committee


Colin Squire OBE DHM

Vice President

Chris Warner DHM

Management Committee


John Anthony

Vice Chairman

Iain Silver


Ray Martin


Stephen Durham

General Committee

Membership Secretary 

Liam Bedall

Chair of Shows and PR

Pauline Martin

WFRS Representative

Derek Lawrence

Rose Trials and Representative for Ireland

David Kenny

Research and Archives

Brian Schofield

Representative for BARB and Rose Trials

Chris Warner DHM

Representative for Wales 

Gareth Davies

Representative for Scotland

Iain Silver

Editor of Rose Times

Ray Martin

Website manager

Ray Martin

Chair of Honours Committee

Derek Lawrence

Chair of Breeder's Group 

Daniel Myhill

Social Media

Daniel Myhill

Shows Committee

Chair Pauline Martin

Steve Durham

Neil Duncan

Jim Anderson

John McCarthy